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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14944) 2018-10-22

AECHMEA ‘Mahogany Rush’ ? / John Keens* <2006

Mature, stocky rosette to 25cm. diameter x 25cm. high. Maybe an Aechmea recurvata species variant which becomes deep mahogany-red when flowering (Sept.), fading back to green after flowering; The semi-recessed inflorescence is light pinky-red at first, becoming darker with lilac pink petals. Origin is unknown but bought by the registrant at a plant sale on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand as a single plant in Sept. 2009. Possibly it's an intraspecific cross of Ae. recurvata var. ortgiesii x var. recurvata which the short-stemmed inflorescence in particular suggests. Recurvata Group. Reg. Doc. 10/2018 by John Keens.
Country of origin: New Zealand

Seed Parent: ? Pollen Parent: ?