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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13026) 2015-09-07

AECHMEA ‘Solitaire’ ? / Przetocki P* 1998

Mature vase-shaped rosette to 58 cm high x 40cms. diameter. Green strap-like, arching leaves, each to 9cms. wide, have fine brown spines. The 45 cms long, upright, branched flower spike has clusters of flowers with short pedicels. Light red scape bracts and green floral bracts. The flowers, sepals and ovaries are a greenish cream colour. As the inflorescence ages it tends to arch with the weight of the berries.The sepals become more green and the floral bracts turn a lighter green. Exact source is unknown but seed imported in 1998 ex Brazil to Australia by Derek Butcher and raised by Vic Przetocki in Western Australia. Classified here as an Aechmea but is possibly bigeneric. Reg. Doc. 8/2015.
Country of origin: Western Australia

Seed Parent: servitensis var. exigua Pollen Parent: ?