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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10455) 2011-03-05

AECHMEA ‘Gabriela Blanca’ Asmuss M* ?

Cultivar of unknown origin. 90-100 cms. diameter, Scape 135cm, Fertile inflorescence 80cm Notes by Matthias Asmuss. My wife Gabriela and I got this Aechmea from Maria Teresa Vega’s collection and she would be the best person to inform about its origin, but she is resting in peace. Her friend, Zelia Stoddart from Brazil, knew her garden very well and she thought this to be a white (form of )Aechmea spectabilis. Zelia remembers that Olga Branger was also growing lots of these bromeliads but she is not with us anymore, either. Whereas Derek Butcher thinks that someone was playing with Aechmea smithiorum. The name ‘Gabriela Blanca’ obeys to the fact that the spike appears to be quite white and to honour my wife Gabriela holding out my bromeliad vice, although she is the gardener distributing and tieing up bromeliads to any piece of wood in Caracas. Registered 2/2011.
Country of origin: Venezuela

Seed Parent: ? Pollen Parent: ?