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GUZMANIA ‘Rana’ Corn. Bak 1983

cv. of wittmackii 'Red' X lingulata v. cardinalis - To 50 cm high w/wide leafed green rosette w/smooth leaves to 40 cm long - hot orange-red bracts w/darker tips - w/10+ branches & 80+ flowers w/long lasting habit - resembles 'Gran Prix' w/inflorescence in hot orange-red. USA Patent #7,471 - also patented in Europe. There is a variegated form named G. 'Georgia'.
Country of origin: Netherlands

Seed Parent: wittmackii Pollen Parent: lingulata v. cardinalis
Patent Documents 1991, Deroose 1990, CornBak Cat 1994ill, JBS 45:116, CargoRpt#7-3