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GUZMANIA ‘Insignis’ Dutrie <1939

(Other cvs. = 'Lingulzahnii', 'Chevalieri', 'Exodus', 'Victrix' & 'Symfonie') - (See other Dutrie 'Insignis') - Chosen from the grex by Dutrie for distinctive appearance - over 80 cm diameter - medium green rosette w/linear red stripes at the base - inflorescence is upright w/red lineated yellow bracts clustering into a rosulate cone - yellow flowers. BromsPadilla 127 quotes pollen parent incorrectly.

Seed Parent: lingulata v. splendens Pollen Parent: zahnii
JBS 16:72; 31:247; 38:110, PltShopCat1976, ColorBrom 61ill, 64, KentCat1972 BromsPadilla 127