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GUZMANIA ‘Fakahatchee’ Butcher D* ?

Mature rosette to 50cm. diameter x 30cm. high. Mid-green arching, pliant leaves with pale cream/ yellow striations or lineations. Erect white-flowered spike to 50cm. tall with pale green floral bracts streaked red (lower portion) and pink floral bracts in the upper portion. Originally referred to as a variegated form of Guzmania tricolor by Nash in 1935. Published as Guzmania monostachia var variegata by Foster in 1953. Treated as type by Utley in 1994 in Mesoamericana Vol. 6.. Current view is that it should be treated as a cultivar, hence the name 'Fakahatchee', the one wild place it is colonised in the Florida Everglades. Reg. Doc. 11/2015 by Derek Butcher.
Country of origin: Florida USA

Seed Parent: monostachia