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NEOREGELIA ‘Perfecta Tricolor’ Simoens, A. (DeCoster*) 1968

cv. of carolinae 'Marechalii' - (See 'Wango Tango') - Appeared`` for Simoens and developed by DeCoster - stable variegation with yellow center to leaves differing from carolinae f. tricolor by having broader leaves with wider variegation flushing rich red at anthesis - prolific and stable pupper - 10" high x 18" wide - Belgian and American (#3971-1976) patents - the plant is commonly called "Tricolor Perfecta" but patent and registration documents show the proper name as 'Perfecta Tricolor'. Tricolor Group.

Seed Parent: carolinae 'Marechalii'
JBS 25:106ill; 35:197; 46:14, Baensch 128,129ill, TF1980, CargoRpt#7-4, DeLeonCat1994ill