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TILLANDSIA ‘Tiny Buffalo’ ? / Woody Kaotun* circa 1980s

Mature small, bulbous-based rosette 12 cm. diameter x 15 cm. high. Wavy, spidery, scurfed, channeled, light green leaves. At blooming, inner foliage turns brick red with red edges. Erect, tightly-branched, inflorescence 12 cm.high with scurfed silver bracts (sometimes orange-bracted) and amethyst violet flowers. These small clones were imported as wild-collected Tillandsia bulbosa around 2001 to Thailand from Costa Rica. The batch were grouped and selected since 2007 at VC Garden, Loei, Thailand. Paradisia Nursery of Melbourne , Victoria also report of the same clones arriving regularly in shipments from Guatemalan nurseries since the 1980s, which breed true from self-set seed. Reg. Doc. 7/2018 by Woody Kaotun.
Country of origin: Costa Rica,Guatemala

Seed Parent: bulbosa
Vanilla garden code #52022