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TILLANDSIA ‘Soysoy Palma-Dominguez’ Dofitas, Rene 1997

Mature large rosette to 37"( 92cm.) diameter x 26" (65cm.) high, but can grow larger. Greenish grey, slightly recurved leaves, highly scurfed on the reverse, which under strong light turn darker red. Erect tightly-branched inflorescence (to 70cm. tall) with upright multiple wide dark blood red-bracted, compact "paddles" with purple- petalled, tubular flowers. The pollen parent 'Magnificent' has been grown for years in error as "Chiquensis", particularly in Asia. Reg. Doc. 1/2018 by Flora Botanica
Country of origin: Philippines

Seed Parent: concolor Pollen Parent: 'Magnificent'