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NEOREGELIA ‘Pemiento’ Skotak, C. 1986

(Other cv. = 'Milagro') - R.L. Frasier says, " Plant has form of carolinae w/very broad white variegation down the center of the green leaf and a thinner leaf than 'Royal Burgundy' - the entire plant is transparently overglazed by a brilliant hot tomato-red with random windows or color breaks of no overglaze - 26 to 30 leaves - 16" (40cm) across - lavender flowers" - Skotak said, "Only the two cultivars kept from the entire grex". Reg. Doc. 1995
Country of origin: Costa Rica

Seed Parent: (caroline x concentrica) x Royal Burgundy Pollen Parent: Royal Burgundy
Breeder code #99-1