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VRIESEA (1681)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9254)

VRIESEA ‘White Cloud’ Boardman, J.* <1980

A variegated form of erythrodactylon. In Seidel's Catalogue No.80, 1981 is recorded as Vriesea erythrodactylon var striata and we do know this was imported by John Arden of California in the early 1980s. Others in the USA could also have imported it. This includes Ron Schoenau (Florida) from where most of the Florida plants seem to have originated. Also grown as Vriesea erythrodactylon var. variegata. In the late 1990s the plant was imported to Australia from the USA and Derek Butcher of Adelaide was given a plant in 2005. Why was such a plant without a proper name?! Grown under right conditions the centre leaves are totally white except for a black apex. The other leaves are green with generally faint variegations. Reg. Doc. 2/2006 by D Butcher.
Country of origin: Brazil

Seed Parent: erythrodactylon