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VRIESEA (1816)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9024)

VRIESEA ‘Red Chestnut’ (Seidel+) <1973

cv. of fosteriana v. seideliana - Large open arching rosette w/distinctive reddish-brown irregular transverse banding on a creamy pale green background - many different cultivars exist sharing the general form but differing in coloration to rose, violet, lilac and bluish tints - originally discovered by Seidel - also a rubra form - Bromeliad Treasury said, "36" vase like rosette of 2-1/2" x 36" green leaves banded by bright chestnut red glyphs and are gently arched and concave - the 7' inflorescence has a 3/4" thick green spotted chestnut stem w/spirally arranged green spotted chestnut bracts merging into the similar floral bracts - 25 or so 1" diameter by 1-3/4" long pale yellow flowers w/chestnut tips - blooms at night". Fosteriana Group

Seed Parent: fosteriana v. seideliana
JBS 23:194; 25:179,210; 26:162,165, Baensch221ill, HerbHill1984, PineapplePl 81, BromTreasury1983