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Bromeliad Cultivar Register

VRIESEA (1795)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8877)

VRIESEA ‘Mephisto’ Marechal, Hort. Leod. 1898

cv. of 'Intermedia' X 'Cardinalis' - (See 'Tricolor') - Chevalier said, "One of the darkest, with a broad erect spike and bloodred bracts". Dutrie gives formula as barilletii X carinata (brachystachys) and said, "Broad spike, very upright, with bloodred bracts".

Seed Parent: 'Intermedia' Pollen Parent: 'Cardinalis'
JBS 1:21; 2:44,48; 39:30, Duval LeJardin16,1902, ChevalierMon1930,Cat1942p82, TheBromeliads1990p136