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VRIESEA (1681)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8865)

VRIESEA ‘Mauna Kea’ Shiigi, D. 1983

cv. of gigantea v. seideliana 'Nova' X platynema v. variegata - (Other cv. = 'Masami') - Shiigi said, "Large plant strongly resembling the 'Nova' parent to 34" across and 36" tall - inflorescence upright w/8 to 10 branches - color is lime-green solidly w/tesselations in older growth becoming lighter green over cream and lineated evenly in the newer growth - Purplish pink central flush and leaf tips - leaf tips upturned in the manner of the 'Nova' parent - underleaf in burgundy coloration".

Seed Parent: 'Nova' Pollen Parent: platynema v. variegata
Registration Documents 1998