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Bromeliad Cultivar Register

VRIESEA (1881)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8796)

VRIESEA ‘Leopoldiana’ Marechal? Hort. Leod. 1890

Dutrie said, "Very distinctive - brown leaves - long single spike with red-brown bracts". Chevalier said, "Leaves reddish brown - spike distichous - very long and narrow - bracts very dense in red brown - leaf color, size and disposition dominant w/malzinei".

Seed Parent: splendens Pollen Parent: malzinei
JBS 2:48; 39:29, GartenFl42:340 1893; 54:281 pl.1539 1905, ChevalierMon1930, Mez1935p408