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VRIESEA (1681)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8608)

VRIESEA ‘Duval's Fulgida’ Duval 1888

cv. of duvaliana X incurvata in 1888 according to Duval in his 'The Bromeliads' 1990p141 - (See 'Rostrum Aquilae' & 'Splendida') - Makoy apparently also made a hybrid named 'Fulgida' in 1889 with parents incurvata X 'Morreniana' - (See 'Albertii' & 'Marechaliana') - Chevalier said, "duvaliana X incurvata - Small plant w/red spikes marked w/yellow at tips". Duval describes the hybridization process in his book and says, "The hybrid between these two plants is absolutely distinct..leaf color and appearance of the mother and is intermediate in size - the flower is brilliantly red, as if varnished, and is sturdier than that of incurvata - We believe it will be a commercial success". Originally in Register as 'Fulgida' but name amended to differentiate from the other Fulgida'.

Seed Parent: duvaliana Pollen Parent: incurvata
Ill.Hort 60:87pl67 1888, JBS 45:102, ChevalierCat1942p80, WitteHybrBrom1894, Mez1935p407