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VRIESEA (1840)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8469)

VRIESEA ‘Christiane’ Deroose, A. (V400) <1967

See 'Marjolein', 'Rose Marie' & 'Lucille') - Small to 12" diameter upright shiny green rosette w/upright branched red inflorescence - broad all-red paddles and yellow blooms - bract tips upturned and clawed - mature at 16" tall and long lasting - See GolinskiVideo1997 for image. HOWEVER at the WBC San Francisco 2000 it was shown by DeRoose as a dwarf plant with a simple spike. BEWARE of the two different forms with the same name. See also V. 'Cathy'. See also the centrally-variegated form of V. Christiane = V. 'Robin'. Reg. Doc. 4/2000
Country of origin: Netherlands

Seed Parent: 'Viminalis-Rex' Pollen Parent: carinata
BSI-ICBH-1979, HerbHill1989, PineapplePl 96CargoRpt#2-2; #7-1, MB1998, Samyns 1998
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