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Bromeliad Cultivar Register

VRIESEA (1681)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8445)

VRIESEA ‘Cardinalis’ Duval 1890

(See 'Brachystachys-Splendens' & 'Kienastii') - Chevalier said, "This is a small plant, interesting from a commercial point of view because of its rapid growth and its lovely cardinal-red bracts". Dutrie records the cross as carinata X 'Krameri' and said, "Small plant, upright , scarlet spike". Duval records the cross as psittacina v. brachystachys X 'Krameri' (?) Note: All formulations are accurate.

Seed Parent: carinata Pollen Parent: psittacina v. rubrobracteata
RevHort 62:358 1890, JBS 1:21; 39:29; 45:102, WitteHybrBrom1894, Mez1935p407, ChevalierMon1930