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Bromeliad Cultivar Register

VRIESEA (1681)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8422)

VRIESEA ‘Brachystachys Major’ Marechal, Hort. Leod. 1890

(See 'Closoniana', 'Leodiensis' & 'Psittacina-Picta') - Dutrie said, "Medium sized plant, spike broad and compact, with bracts red at the base, yellow at the top. Could be likened to Vr. 'Closoniana' and Vr. 'Leodiensis' to which it is very similar" - Single spike - Chevalier said, "Differs from carinata by bracts less beaked and a more rounded spike - color red at base of bract from seed parent and form of spike from pollen parent" - (See also reference ChevalierCat1942p79)

Seed Parent: 'Morreniana' Pollen Parent: barilletii
GartenFl42:339 1893, JBS 39:29, ChevalierMon1930,WitteHybrBrom1894,Mez1935p407,TheBromeliads1990p131