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Bromeliad Cultivar Register

VRIESEA (1681)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13016)

VRIESEA ‘Jade Zebra’ Seidel A / Little R* 1978

Mature open rosette to 1.2 metres diameter. Glossy, broad, mid-green leaves with dark green herringbone cross-banding. There are slight red leaf tips and the foliage reverse is bronze red. Erect, green-stemmed, branched spike to 1.5 metres tall with off-white floral bracts and creamy yellow flowers. Seed originated from Alvim Seidel (Orquideario Catarinense Nursery, Brazil), imported in 1978 and raised by Amazon Plants Nursery, Sydney, Australia, who subsequently sold them as V. hieroglyphica var. zebrina. . However, resultant seedlings once mature did not match the seed parent's botanical description and thus the progeny are possibly all hybrids. Glyph Group. Reg. Doc. 8/2015 by R Little
Country of origin: Brazil

Seed Parent: hieroglyphica var. zebrina Pollen Parent: ?