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VRIESEA (1795)

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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10726)

VRIESEA ‘Aussie Intermedia’ Butcher D* ?

One of the forms of plants being grown in Australia as ‘Intermedia’ ( now ‘Morobe’s Intermedia’). This particular form is different to the photo from Germany published in the J Brom Soc 24: 85. 1974 and since then, grown in the USA. But it does link with a photo from the Melle Research Establishment in Belgium from Samyn in 1994. This is why we retain the name ‘Intermedia’. There are other plants being grown in Australia as ‘Intermedia’ which appear to be seedlings when ‘Intermedia’ was used as seed parents in breeding programs in the mistaken belief that intermedia was a species not a hybrid. ‘Aussie Intermedia’ grows to about 50 cms. diameter and flowering to about 60cms tall. Glyph Group. Reg Doc 12/2011
Country of origin: Australia

Seed Parent: hieroglyphica? Pollen Parent: Viminalis Rex?