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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10576)

TILLANDSIA ‘Sesca’ Gouda E, Flower A* ca 2000

Grown by Anwyl Bromeliads ( Andrew Flower), New Zealand, from seed supplied by Eric Gouda, Holland,. Seed sown June 1st 2000. First bloom date Jan 15 2009. Reg. Doc. by A Flower 6/2011 Further investigation has revealed that the original plant was owned by Peter Bak under the number 37 and that it was thought to be a natural hybrid. However, this seed raising by Andrew Flower shows that we are dealing with a species - alas we do not know which one to link it to. Note added by D Butcher 12/2011
Country of origin: Holland /New Zealand

Seed Parent: schiedeana Pollen Parent: baileyi