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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (7742)

NEOREGELIA ‘Wango Tango’ (Baker, Bill*) <1984

sport of 'Perfecta Tricolor' at California's Sandyland Nursery - Baensch says, "Due to the distinct leaf margins and the deep red center of the rosette, this cultivar is exceptionally appealing" - albo-marginated form of 'Perfecta Tricolor' w/clear white margins and stacked form - flushes pink in good light - Zaghini photo shows different coloration w/green narrow margins?? - By the end of the 1990's this had sported to be a medio-picta type and sold as 'Wango Tango'throughout the USA. Perhaps 'Reverse Wango Tango'or even 'Ognat Ognaw' as some Californian wag suggested!

Baensch 122ill, Zaghini 22ill, HerbHill1984, BirdRock1995, BillBaker1998