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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (5792)

NEOREGELIA ‘Meyendorffii’ N/A <1970

cv. of carolinae? - A strain or cultivar of carolinae which will reproduce sexually - Smaller, with wider leaves than the type species - usually full symmetrical dense rosette w/wide arching bayonet tipped leaves - red center at anthesis. Excellent photographs of the variegated and marginated cultivars are shown in the Baensch references below. Interestingly, in 1939 this cultivar was the same size as carolinae and was LARGER than Marechalii (see JBS 38-17) Therefore TRUE identity in doubt. Carolinae Group

Seed Parent: carolinae
JBS 20:128,JBS 38-17, Baensch 126,127ill, 128,129ill, PineapplePl 85