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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (5698)

NEOREGELIA ‘Marsala’ Bullis, H. (Bailey, P.*) 1981

cv. of 'Dexter's Pride' X 'Fantastic Gardens' - (See Isabel) - (Other cvs. = 'Bailey', 'Buckingham', 'Chardonnay', 'Las Vegas' & 'Tossed Salad') - Bailey says, "Differs from grex mates by having more leaves (50-60) in a symmetrical even heavy stack - base color is grey purple w/darker purple freckling - occasional longitudinal bars of amethyst color - holds its leaves for an extended time but rarely blooms - 14" high - 22" diameter - 3.5" wide leaves".

Seed Parent: 'Dexter's Pride' Pollen Parent: 'Fantastic Gardens'
Registration Documents 1994, JBS 44:218