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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (5670)

NEOREGELIA ‘Marechalii’ European <1962

cv. of carolinae - A selected strain or cultivar which will reproduce itself by seed - Cvs. = 'Mandarin', 'Marechalii Minor', 'Starlight') - Dutrie says, "Shorter stem and shorter wider leaves than carolinae - the bracteate leaves show a great diversity of colors from rosy red to vermilion or reddish purple, the most valuable being cardinal-red or orange".See 'Meyendorffii' Carolinae Group

Seed Parent: carolinae
JBS 2:39,64; 6:84; 15:6; 16:132; 29:72ill; 35:197; 38:17, Zimmpf279,1962, Baensch 128,129ill