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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (5436)

NEOREGELIA ‘Little Brown Jug’ Carrone <1977

cv. of (spectabilis x carolinae) X ampullacea - (NOTE: Formula may not be accurate?) - Padilla said, "Small clustering stoloniferous plants taking on the shape and markings of ampullacea and the coloration of the other parent" - Bromeliad Treasury said, "The 8" tall upright rosette has a slightly bulbous base w/the leaves flared out at top - the 1" x 8" leaves are a russet on the leaf backs and green w/brown spreckles on the upper surfaces - inner leaves are bronze w/speckles".

Seed Parent: spectabilis x carolinae Pollen Parent: ampullacea
JBS 27:250, Shelldance1984, BromTreasury1983