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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (4439)

NEOREGELIA ‘Fosperior’ Foster, M. 1950

cv. of fosteriana(?) X spectabilis(?) - (Other cvs. = 'Foster's Giant Red', 'Morris Henry Hobbs', 'Dexter's Pride' & 'Perfection') - A medium to large stacked rosette of 30+ deep maroon-purple leaves w/slightly lighter red tips - Grande illustration shows some pale white indistinct spotting and mottling - Foster distributed seed or seedlings from this grex to Dr. Morris Dexter and Morris Henry Hobbs - each selected a cultivar and named it - Foster chose the name 'Fosperior' for his choice from the grex - 'Fosperior' is essentially identical to the other two cultivars which are probable selections from an F-1 grex? - Other scenarios exist for the origin of these cultivars but this version seems to predominate.

Seed Parent: fosteriana? Pollen Parent: spectabilis?
Grande 1:3 ill; JBS 34:257; 37:99,104, ExoticBrom, PineapplePl 81, TF1980, MB1998