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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (3841)

NEOREGELIA ‘Dark Shadows’ Oeser (T. O\'Reilly*) <1972

cv. of unknown Oeser derived hybrid seed - Was called 'Oeser's #2' - (Other cv. = 'Beauty') - T. O'Reilly said, "In 1972 I purchased 12 of Dr. Oeser's seedlings from Plaza Nursery - After growing and evaluating them I selected and named two cultivars and distributed them - The names were 'Beauty' and 'Dark Shadows' - They were listed by Talnadge Fern Garden in 1978-79 - Large plant w/3" wide leaves in full rosette - black-green foliage w/bright lime green spotting".
Country of origin: CAL USA

TFG1978, BP-1980, Plaza 1972, T.O\'Reilly1998