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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (3499)

NEOREGELIA ‘Catherine Wilson’ Wilson, R. <1973

cv. of unknown parentage - (Other cvs. named by Springhill Nursery = 'Bronze Delight', 'Golden Girl', 'Regal Beauty', 'Rising Sun' & 'Strawberry') - Strong upright many leafed symmetrical rosette to 20" across becoming red-orange in strong light heavily spotted and spattered w/yellow green markings - darker red apiculate tips - light lavender flowers. - Merkel said, "Reverse of 'Marcon'? 'French Hybrid? - A clone of this hybrid received an Award Of Merit from the Royal Hort. Society at the 1971 Chelsea Show when exhibited by our firm".

Seed Parent: spectabilis? Pollen Parent: marmorata?
JBS 23:186; 30:22,275, KentCat1972, TF1980, AM-1977, NJB1976, PineapplePl81, CargoRpt#7-4, MB1998