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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (3273)

NEOREGELIA ‘Bobby Dazzler’ Anderson, G. (Goode, G.) <1992

Originally known by the unlikely parentage of acanthocrater x proserpine but was quickly given this cultivar name by Derek Butcher - Photo by Butcher shows large broad leafed full rosette in rich red throughout w/heavy spotting in apple green near center of the rosette - hot pink tips - plant is probably another of the Goode selections from Anderson seed of 'Cinnabar' unknown origin? - (See 'Cinnabar')

Seed Parent: acanthocrater(?) Pollen Parent: 'Proserpine'
Bromeletter1992 3:6, Butcher1995, Zaghini 14ill, GolinskiVideo1997