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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (2743)

GUZMANIA ‘Superb’ (DeLeon*) <1983

cv. of lingulata v. cardinalis with high-contrast stable leaf variegation - Creamy yellowish white centers and apple green edges - variegation is completely through leaf - type inflorescence in red in color for 2 months - plant size to 24" tall and 26" wide - Ecuadorian form of lingulata - (See 'Broadview') - See GolinskiVideo1997 for image. Lingulata Group

Seed Parent: lingulata v. cardinalis
JBS 33:21, Baensch 176ill, HerbHill1984, CargoRpt#3-1, BullisCat1992ill, DeLeonCat1994ill