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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (2529)

GUZMANIA ‘Ice Cream’ Corn. Bak (Bullis*?) <1987

cv. of lingulata v. minor - (Other cv. = 'Ice Milk') - The form of lingulata v. minor with bold variegation - wide deep green margins and clear ivory centres - clear and pronounced contrast between the white and the green - the type inflorescence is orange-red and long lasting - bolder and more intense floral bract variegation than G. 'Ice Milk'. Lingulata Group. Reg. Doc. 6/1998
Country of origin: Netherlands

Seed Parent: lingulata v. minor
BullisCat1992ill, PineapplePl 96, CargoRpt#4-1, #7-5, MB1998, GolinskiVideo1997