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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (2432)

GUZMANIA ‘Broadview’ (Jones, Rodney*) <1967

cv. of Guzmania lingulata v. cardinalis? - (See 'Superb') - Large Ecuadorian form named for estate of Mr. Jones? - also in variegated form - Hummel said, "Largest flowering head - bracts orange-red - heavy tall spike - easy to grow". Cole said, "Soft green leaves w/red lineation from axil - upright many branched maroon green and orange - floral bracts hot redorange". Lingulata Group

Seed Parent: lingulata v. cardinalis
JBS 17:73ill,79; 19:11,48; 26:198ill, PltShopCat1976, FL1978, Bromeliaceae XXX-6FCill