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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (196)

AECHMEA ‘Fascini’ Williams, K. 1969

(See 'Dennis B.', 'Friederike' & 'Felice') - Large green rosette to 80 cm tall w/many leaves lightly scurfed below - w/large vivid shiny carmine branched long lasting inflorescence combining the best attributes of both parents. Also in a registered,well marginated form ('Felice') in cultivation before 1996 by DeLeon Nursery. (See JBS 29:15 for early Dutrie cross)

Seed Parent: chantinii Pollen Parent: fasciata
Reg. Doc. 1973, JBS 24:25ill,26, Baensch 38ill, HerbHill1984, PineapplePl 96, MB1998