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AECHMEA ‘Tropic Torch’ Skotak C / Deroose Plants * <1996

cv. of beeriana (old Streptocalyx poeppigii) X chantinii - Tropiflora said, "A colorful hybrid w/very large and vividly red colored head of dense branches and wide bracts - the foliage is handsome grey colored in a stiff upright rosette of narrow silver leaves to about 48" x 48" - great for color accent in landscape plantings".Update 11/2015: Ae beeriana later was reclassified as Ae. vallerandii. Grex sibling = Ae. 'Tropic Torch Red' . Reg. Doc. 10/2006
Country of origin: Costa Rica

Seed Parent: beeriana (Strept. poeppigii) Pollen Parent: chantinii
BullisCat1995ill, CargoRpt#7-4. Tropiflora code # 742.