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NEOREGELIA ‘Imperfecta’ Skotak, C. <1990

cv. of carolinae X 'Painted Lady' - (Other cv. = 'Morado') - Frasier says, "Plant larger than 'Perfecta Tricolor' w/richer pink color suffused w/orange variegation down center of leaves" - fades in too bright light and high heat - made in late 80's and whimsically named as a takeoff on 'Perfecta Tricolor' - appears more salmon orange colored than 'Perfecta Tricolor' - extremely prolific". Tricolor Group.

Seed Parent: carolinae Pollen Parent: 'Painted Lady'
Registration Documents 1995, PineapplePl 96, CargoRpt#3-2; #6-4; #7-4, MB1998, GolinskiVideo1997