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NEOREGELIA ‘Dura Flor’ Skotak, Chester 2014

Mature, open, very large rosette to 1.25 metres diameter. Arching / splayed , broad (to 9cm. wide), glossy mid-green leaves wiith medio-picta pattern of central creamy yellow stripes and prominent retrorse black spines. In strong light, the foliage flushes pink with dark green spots / blotches. Under certain conditions, the foliage can turn shades of purple and tan. At blooming the central leaves develop distinctive scarlet irregular patches / bars towards their tips, surrounding the large sunken inflorescence of white flowers. This variegate was a vegetative sport from a seedling of the species Neoregelia.retrorsa, Named by the breeder after Dura Flor Nursery, Costa Rica, where this cultivar originated. Reg. Doc. 8/2020 by Eloise Beach.
Country of origin: Costa Rica

Seed Parent: retrorsa