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AECHMEA ‘Two-0-Nine’ Skotak C / O Trevor* circa 2002

Mature vase-shaped rosette to 40cm. diameter x 30cm. high. Chocolate / deep maroon leaves with broad silver cross-banding, both clean-cut and ragged. Erect, compactly-branched spike to 60cm. tall with typical Ae. chantinii scarlet scape bracts, reddish ovaries, yellow sepals and orange flowers. Accession of this intra-specific species cross is Dura Flor Nursery, Costa Rica > Michaels Bromeliads, Florida.>Olive Branch Nursery., Queensland. Chantinii Group. So-named because it was import batch number item #209 by the Olive Branch Nursery. Reg. Doc. 1/2017 by Aaron Smythe.
Country of origin: Costa Rica

Seed Parent: chantinii (dark clone) Pollen Parent: chantinii (dark clone)